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D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?

1 Season

D.B. Cooper is one of the most notorious names in American history, even though people don't know his true identity, because of an event that happened in 1971. It was in November of that year that a man wearing a suit and tie allegedly hijacked a Northwest Orient flight, demanding a $200,000 ransom and then jumping out of the plane after getting the money. In the decades since, the FBI has investigated more than 1,000 suspects but has yet to solve the case. In this documentary, a former FBI agent and a crime journalist dig deep into the case to reveal new information about the man known as D.B. Cooper and the crime. The four-part series, the culmination of a five-year investigation, is intended to help bring the case to a conclusion and answer questions about Cooper's fate -- did he survive his jump and, if so, is he still out there? New interviews with more than a dozen insiders, including the only people to come face-to-face with Cooper, are used to aid with the investigation.

D.B. Cooper: Case Closed?
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