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Problematic With Moshe Kasher

1 Season

Civil discourse has been replaced with online outrage, leaving face-to-face discussion of today's most polarizing topics in the hands of people like Moshe Kasher. On his weekly topical series, the comic wants to pull the country out of digital echo chambers and information bubbles and into actual conversations he promises "will completely end all acrimony, racism, sexism, trolling and whatever else you find offensive online." Each "Problematic " episode delves into a single topic of online outrage -- such as impeachment, cultural appropriation, the dark web, ideological changes of heart, gun control, and more -- and examines its cultural effects. With the help of experts, comedians, and questions from both the in-studio and online audience, Kasher attempts to bring peace and harmony to the internet once and for all.

Problematic With Moshe Kasher
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Season 1