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The Murder of Laci Peterson

1 Season

A pregnant Laci Peterson disappeared without a trace on Christmas Eve in 2002. Four months later, her body and that of her unborn child, Conner, was found, and her husband, Scott Peterson, was eventually convicted of murder and sentenced to death, despite the absence of DNA evidence or eyewitness testimony. Nearing the 15th anniversary of Laci's disappearance, A&E Network presents a fresh look at the captivating case, a "definitive factual account by those who lived and breathed it every day." Across six episodes, showcased are new interviews with Scott Peterson himself from prison, as well as unprecedented access to his family as they speak candidly about his conviction. In addition, the series includes interviews with an expansive list of key eyewitnesses, experts, lawyers, cops, journalists and detectives.

The Murder of Laci Peterson
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